Campus Safety & Security

Cesar Vallejo College is committed to maintaining the campus as a safe and pleasant place to work and study. Authorities and personnel of Cesar Vallejo College do not have law enforcement authority; however, they encourage our students to report all crimes and emergencies accurately and promptly to our staff, or faculty, who will notify local law enforcement agencies. Students are also encouraged to dial 911 directly in case of life-threatening emergencies.

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee is composed of those that can make decisions, coordinate and carry out actions.
The department managers will manage resources before, during and after an emergency.


The Emergency Center alerts all employees, students, and visitors of all steps to take when faced with a
disaster. This center will be located in the CESAR VALLEJO COLLEGE administrative offices and is overseen by the Risk Committee.


  • Alert all personnel and students on steps to follow before, during and after a hazardous
  • Coordinate measures to maintain order and protect lives and physical property.
  • Turn off the air conditioning system and lighting at the appropriate time.
  • Designate personnel to direct traffic and the evacuation of employees, students and visitors,
    if necessary.
  • Communicate with basic government services (911, Rescue, Fire, National Hurricane Center,
    police, hospitals, etc.)
  • Implement the Business Continuity Plan.
  • Re-establish, in the shortest time possible, the normal business and labor operations as soon as the risk event ends.
  • If disaster strikes during the weekend or holiday, the General Coordinator of the Risk
    Committee will have to activate all Committee members.
  • The Risk Committee shall meet once a quarter.
Emergency Action Plan


The goal is to mobilize, in a safe and quick manner, all personnel, students and visitors within the CESAR VALLEJO COLLEGE facilities.


  1. All emergency exit signs must be clearly identified and visible.
  2. Emergency exits must have free access, that is, must remain unlocked at all times.
  3. Estimate, beforehand, the number of people to evacuate by floor between administrative
    offices and classrooms.
  4. Place fire extinguishers visible in CESAR VALLEJO COLLEGE.
  5. All employees should be familiar with the evacuation plan.
  6. All students should know the evacuation routes.
  7. If an evacuation is necessary, each teacher is responsible for his class group and for the
    process of evacuating his or her group.
  8. In case of evacuation, have an established safe place known to all employees and students.


  1. The General Coordinator of the Risk Committee is in charge of authorizing the evacuation if the event warrants it.
  2. The General Coordinator of the Risk Committee is in charge of calling 911 and reporting the emergency or risk event.
  3. The staff responsible for the evacuation (department managers) and the Teachers (in the classroom) must move to the safe space set for the evacuation of all people, maintaining order.
  4. The CESAR VALLEJO COLLEGE security personnel will be responsible for controlling access to facilities and ensure routes are accessible to emergency vehicles, such as the police.
  5. Once in the safe place verify that all employees, students and visitors are accounted for. If there are people missing, inform the Emergency Center.
  6. When the risk event ends, if conditions allow, all employees and students should return to their area and visitors may leave the premises if they wish.
  7. In the event that returning to the classrooms and administrative offices is not possible, the General Coordinator of the Risk Committee will inform how to proceed.
Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy

Cesar Vallejo College prohibits discrimination and violence on the basis of sex or gender, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. We are committed to maintaining an environment that emphasizes the dignity and worth of all members of the community.

Toward this end, all members of the college community must understand that sexual harassment, sexual or gender discrimination violates our policy and will not be tolerated. Cesar Vallejo College will take action to prevent and address such misconduct.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Cesar Vallejo College is committed to providing its students and employees a drug and alcohol free workplace and learning environment. Toward that end, Cesar Vallejo College prohibits the unlawful possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of unauthorized drugs and alcohol in the workplace, on the campus, or at any activity organized by the college. This includes being under the influence of alcohol and/or any illicit drug. Prescription drugs are also prohibited, except for the use of medication in accordance with the instructions of a licensed physician.

Any employee or student who violates this policy is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment, expulsion from the College, referral for prosecution, and/or referral to an appropriate evaluation or rehabilitation program.

College Disciplinary Sanctions for Violation of Policy

College Employees

Faculty or staff who violate this policy will be immediately referred to the local authorities. Academic sanctions include termination of employment and may include participation in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.


Sanctions for violations may include attendance at an alcohol and/or drug education workshop. Additional sanctions may include, but are not limited to suspension or permanent expulsion from the College.