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CVC offers these non-credit programs in a contracted open-enrollment format to organizations. It is tailored to meet your company’s unique learning objectives. Your staff will engage with industry leaders and world-renowned faculty. The Academy of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence programs are offered online, in-person, or in a hybrid learning environment.


Professor Gour C. Saha

PhD in Technology Management, School of Management, Asian Institute and Technology.

Professor Saha has designed and directed the leading MBA in Data Analytics in the Caribbean and was the lead researcher of Interamerican Development Bank in the project aimed to increase the competitiveness of the Caribbean region through Business Analytics.

Professor Saha is the President of Global Business and Management Forum (GBMF) in USA and has been awarded excellence in teaching awards in Asia, Australia and the Caribbean.


The ADSAI has been created under the umbrella of CVC in order to provide employers, employees and entrepreneurs with the right data and artificial intelligence skills for every role. Our purpose is to develop the next generation of data-driven decision makers and AI problem-solvers.


We have access to leading practitioners and academics in the arena of data-science and artificial intelligence. Particularly, our academy integrates the work of practitioners with academia. We create our projects from real-life dilemmas and challenges where we expose our participants to the impact of data-science and machine learning in the solution and prevention of real-life problems.


Data science and machine learning is not just a collection of techniques; but it’s the way technology is responding and motivated to solve real world complex problems. The next generation of machine learning/data scientists professionals must be able to:

Identify relevant problems

Think in both dimensions: linear and non-linear

Generate sensible and intelligent analyses

Communicate their findings and insights in simple yet meaningful ways

Significantly enhance their capacity to control and predict

Our approach goes beyond problem solving. Participants will walk the path of problem-solving, problem re-solving and problem dissolving.


Machine Learning Lab

The Machine Learning Lab is a learning experience aimed to provide a hands-on approach to participants while exploring the potential and impact of the adoption on this technology across functions, supply chains and industries. This program is divided in 5 sessions of 3.5 hours each.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence using Python

This 3 module program will take participants from the foundations of AI, to the coding and use of Python libraries applied to particular sectors and business functions. Every module lasts 8 hours.

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Certificate in Business Analytics and Data Visualization

This 5 module program will develop in participants the knowledge and skills to build data-driven decision-making systems. The certificate includes skill-building in terms of statistics, decision-making, data visualization, and the use of several platforms including Tableau, Excel, Python, JavaScript, and Leaflet. The certificate lasts 64 hours over 8 modules.

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Executive Program in Digital Transformation and Innovation

This 4 module program will establish in participants the required vision, awareness, and skills needed to adopt and adapt digital technologies across the value chain, supporting systems, and customer engagement. The program includes the development of innovation skills and workshops where participants will apply three different innovation processes: Design Thinking, Systemic Inventive Thinking, and Lead User Innovation. The executive program lasts 32 hours.

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