Why prepare for the PERT Test?

Incoming college students who do well on the exam, can take regular Math and English classes immediately and avoid the time and cost of having to enroll in basic or remedial classes. These lower level classes will force you to spend more time in school and pay for additional classes. The higher you score in the test, the higher you will be placed.

Course options


  • 16 weeks: 3 times weekly, 50 min ea.
  • 16 weeks: 2 times weekly, 75 min ea.
  • 8 weeks: 2 times weekly, 150 min ea.


  • 12 weeks: 2 times weekly, 100 min ea.
  • 8 weeks: 2 times weekly, 150 min ea.

Classes are held Monday through Saturday.

Course fees

Math Prep course: $300

English Prep course: $300

Note: You can elect to enroll in only one course.

Diagnostic test

Not sure? Take our Diagnostic test prior to enrolling to see if you need the course. Test fee is $50.


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General Information

The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT), is Florida’s college placement test. It was developed according to the Department of Education’s specifications and it is used by colleges and universities in the state of Florida.

The PERT assesses readiness for entry-level college credit coursework in English and Mathematics. It determines accurate course placement based on the student’s skills and abilities.

The PERT is a means to an end. Jobs usually require postsecondary education (beyond high school) to hire a candidate even at an entry-level position. Preparing for college will enhance your chances for advancement in your future occupational endeavors. Attending college in Florida usually requires a PERT score as part of the admissions or enrollment process.

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