Academic Assistance
Placement and Career Services
CVC Learning Resources
Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance is available to all students regarding their academic progress, placement opportunities and other related matters. Students must make an appointment with the Director of Student Support Services.


Academic Assistance are able to assist students with registering for classes, arranging tutoring sessions, and/or requesting a meeting with an instructor.


Meeting with Director of Student Support Services: To schedule an appointment, please feel free to Contact Us.

Placement and Career Services

Career development is a journey. Wherever you are in the process, from career planning to considering graduate school, we offer one on-one assistance to help you plan and achieve career success.


Career Services has numerous resources and services to offer as you prepare for your job search. It’s never too early or too late to work on your professional development plan. The more time you invest in this process, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. Our department is full of helpful resources for students under the guidance of our Student Support Services.


We offer:


-Personalized Career Coaching-


>Career One Stop

>GPS LifePlan & Toolkit:


-Job Search Strategy-

>The Wall Street Journal: Guide to Career Strategies

>The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

>Occupational Outlook Handbook


-Maximize Online Resources-

> Principles of Maximizing Resources

>NCDA’s Full Resource Database

>Truic Business Resource Finder

>Library of Congress Resource DataBase for South America


-Resume Preparation-

>Career Directors’ Free Digital Resume Insight book & Resources

>Raw Resume

>Resume Writing Academy


-Cover Letter Preparation-

> Live Career Cover Letter Builder

>Forbes Formula For Writing An Attention Grabbing Cover Letter

>Stanford University’s PDF Packet of approved Resume & Cover Letter Examples


-Interviewing Skill Building-

>ForbesTop  50 Most Common Interview Questions

> My Interview Simulator

>Big Interview Tips for Online Video Interviews


-Job Fair Success Strategies-

>Livecareer Tips on Job Fair Success

>KDP’s Beginner Guide for First Time Job Fair Go-ers

>Forbes Virtual Job Fair Tips


-Internship Search-

>A Full Guide to Internships

>Forbes, 10 Best Websites for finding an Internship

>’s Internship Finder


Students requesting career service assistance must provide a signed authorization allowing Cesar Vallejo College to send their resume to potential employers as part of a graduate’s job search, since Cesar Vallejo College complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


(Click to Access FERPA Form)

CVC Learning Resources

Cesar Vallejo College uses different resources to support the students’ teaching- learning process.


CVC Virtual Library

The LIRN® virtual library contains thousands of electronic resources, including books, electronic journals, podcasts, audios, video resources and databases, statistics and more, from bibliographic sources such as: ProQuest Central, Gale eBooks, Business Market Research Collection, ABI/INFORM Global, Research Library: Business, Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection among others, covering Business, Social Science, Technology, and general educational issues, to support your learning objectives.

The services of the CVC Virtual Librarian will be available to assist you in your search for bibliographic resources and references, through chat and text messaging, Monday through Friday for 14 hours, and Saturday and Sunday for 7 hours.



If you have further questions, contact us at:


Computer Lab

CVC Learning Resources provides students access to Computer Lab to support their academic endeavors, like to do homework, print assignments, and conduct online research.


Available Hours

Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Cesar Vallejo College commencement ceremonies are held twice a year. To graduate, students are required to fulfill all financial obligations. To apply for graduation, students must make an appointment with the Director of Registration.


Graduation Requirements


Students must make an appointment with the Director of Registration to complete a graduation application. Students will be awarded a bachelor’s degree on the following programs: Business Administration in Management, Business Administration in International Business, Business Administration in Marketing and Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management after having satisfactorily completed all academics requirements with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. After review of student records, the Registrar will determine if the student may participate in the ceremony and shall notify them in writing


(Click to Access Graduation Form) 


Meeting with Director of Student Support Services:

To schedule an appointment, please feel free to Contact Us.


Cesar Vallejo College provides information to students in reference to reliable realtors and rental opportunities near campus. The School is located along major traffic arteries to allow easy commuting for students.


Meeting with Director of Student Support Services:

To schedule an appointment, please feel free to Contact Us.