In Cesar Vallejo College, you will be surrounded by professors and mentors who are leading their fields. They bring real-world experience on the cutting edge of thought and creativity to the classroom, fostering a dynamic and demanding academic environment. Our professors encourage students to think broadly, strategically, and critically.

Our faculty create active partnerships with students. They will consult with you about your career path, invite you to join their own projects, or help you design your own. 

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Albertina Navas

PhD in Comunication, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona España
MBA, Adolfo Ibañez School of Business
Master in Digital Journalism, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid

Professor Navas has 20 years of experience in corporate, institutional, and political communication, with emphasis on the digital environment. She is a University lecturer and executive coach for over 3,000 participants of public and private institutions and advisors for over 30 customers in 12 countries. Professor Navas is included in the ranking of the most influential Ecuadorians on the internet and is the representative of the academy for the E-Government Plan in Ecuador. She is a business journalist for one of the most important media groups in Ecuador and is now the host of En Tiempo Real show, on the online radio station Energía FM. She is the author of international publications representing Latin America in the digital communication discussion table of the World Catholic Association for Communication SIGNIS, and is the senior consultant for the region.

Professor Gour C. Saha

PhD in Technology Management, School of Management, Asian Institute of Technology

He has designed and directed the leading MBA in Data Analytics in the Caribbean and was the lead researcher of the Interamerican Development Bank in a project aimed to increase the competitiveness of the Caribbean region through Business Analytics. Prof. Saha is the President of Global Business and Management Forum (GBMF) in the USA and has been awarded excellence in teaching awards in Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean.

Professor Richard Ramsawak

PhD in Economics, Clark University (Worcester MA, USA)
Fulbright Scholar Executive MBA
MsC in Economics, University of West Indies

Dr. Ramsawak has significant experience in coordinating the development and implementation of national-level strategic plans and competitiveness initiatives domestically and internationally. He has participated as a Facilitator for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) sponsored the Caribbean Growth Forum and acted as lead consultant for the Competitive Analysis of the South West and 4C Growth Poles of Trinidad and Tobago, a project commissioned by the Economic Development Board of the Ministry of Planning and Development. He has also completed various specialized private development programs in areas such as export diversification, sustainable enterprise development, and cluster development offered by the World Bank, ITC/ILO Summer Academy on Enterprise Development, UNIDO, and the Harvard Business School. He has contributed to expert meetings at the United Nations and at various international business and trade promotion events. Dr. Ramsawak is an Affiliate Member of the “Microeconomics of Competitiveness Network” of the Institute of Competitiveness, Harvard Business School, the American Economic Association (AEA), and past member of The Competitiveness Institute (TCI).

Professor Ricardo Thierry

Guest Lecturer
Ph D in Industrial Engineering Texas A&M

Dr. Thierry has conducted projects for the top 500 Companies such as Unilever, IBM, Walmart, and for some of the largest Latin American Multinationals such as FEMSA and Kimberly Clark. He has lectured and delivered key-note presentations in more than 30 different countries. He has lectured in several universities in Spain, Germany, Ecuador, USA, Mexico among other countries, and was a visiting Professor at the Hamburg School of Logistics. Dr. Thierry integrates the experience from practice and the insights from academia since he held several positions in the automotive industry and has conducted research in the areas of Logistics and Distribution Systems. He is a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineering and of the Global Logistics Research Initiative (GLORI) and a faculty member of ITESM Mexico.

Professor Alicia Ancona

MBA, The University of Texas at Austin

Alicia is an expert in the development of digital solutions, problem-solving, innovation, and digital new venturing. Alicia is a serial entrepreneur engaged in many technology-intensive start-ups. Alicia has combined academia with her passion for entrepreneurship in the Information Technology Sector. As a serial entrepreneur, Alicia has launched successfully 4 new ventures. Currently, she is a partner and project leader for Binomio Programming, a regional firm specialized in customizing digital solutions and mobile apps.

Professor Maria Suarez

Professor of Practice, Artificial Intelligence and Technology Management
Multinational MBA, Adolfo Ibanez School of Management
Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Florida International University

Currently, Ms. Suarez is the CEO and Partner of VAS Consulting, a firm specializing in developing and seizing business opportunities in the high-tech sector, particularly in the integration and automation of logistics processes. Ms. Suarez has developed several projects of strategic outsourcing for Global Telecomm enterprises. Before becoming a serial entrepreneur, Ms. Suarez held top executive positions for 20 years. She was responsible for the strategic management of the supply chain and sales operations of several regional firms in the Telecomm sector. Ms. Suarez is a professional who has the unique capability of integrating expertise in sales, operations, and technology.

Professor Jose Luis Gonzalez

Professor of Practice, Fintech, Blockchain and Crypto-Assets Bachelors in Economics, ITESM
Post-graduate studies at the London School of Economics and University of Berkeley

Mr. Gonzalez is the leader of the Blockchain and Crypto Technologies practice at KPMG Mexico City office and member of the Blockchain and Digital Ledger Services global team. Mr. Gonzalez has become, in a very short time, one of the most respected experts in cutting-edge technologies such as crypto-assets, digital transformation, fintech business models and tech regulation. He often delivers key-note lectures on several topics related to the application of Crypto and Fintech in the domain of financial risk management.

Professor Jorge Carillo, Ph D

Ph D in Strategy, with minors in International Business and Organizational Behavior
John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal Canada
Post-Doctorate studies at the Center of Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School
Post-Graduate Studies at MIT, Kellogg School of Business, Columbia University, and Stanford University

Prof. Carrillo was the Dean of EGADE Business School Mexico City, Adolfo Ibañez School of Management, and CEO of the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business. He was appointed Associate Professor of Strategy at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and Director of the Lalani Center of Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Midwestern State University. Currently, he works as Academic Consultant for the Cesar Vallejo College and holds a courtesy appointment by the University of Miami as Outreach Coordinator for the Americas. As well, Prof. Carrillo is the USA-Canada representative of EQUAA, a regional accreditation agency, and conducted several research projects for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Initiative, Interamerican Development Bank, and World Bank among others. Dr. Carrillo was awarded the highest distinction in Tertiary Education in the Caribbean by the Association of Caribbean States and received the award by the Association of MBA for the creation of one of the three most innovative MBAs in the world. He held several positions as an engineer and financial executive at Hewlett-Packard and was an associate consultant for Mckinsey & Co Toronto Office. He has an extensive list of publications in refereed journals and has been featured as an expert subject at CNN, Dan Rather Reports, and other media outlets. He has advised seven presidents and prime ministers in Latin America and the Caribbean in subjects of national competitiveness and social progress policies.