II International Congress of Public Management

With the aim of deepening into the challenges of governing with our future generations in mind, César Vallejo College held the II International Congress of Public Management. The event sought to impart an internal and multidisciplinary dialogue from different perspectives that allow exploring the improvement of citizen development and for the growth of the country.

For four days, Miami hosted this important event where the main axes of public management were presented such as: citizen participation, fight against corruption, ethics in public management, inclusive gender policies and vulnerable populations. The II International Congress of Public Management had the participation of prominent speakers with extensive experience in government and management.

Among the attendees were the former president of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís, the Senator of the Republic of Mexico and former director general of the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples, Nuvia Mayorga Delgado, the former director of the Foundation for Local Development in Central America and the Caribbean of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, Mercedes Peñas Domingo, who was also present was the Vice Minister of Youth of the Dominican Republic, Joel Díaz Ureña, the former president of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica, Gonzalo Ramírez Zamora, the former Minister of Public Works of Chile, Hernán de Solminihac, the former president of the Bolivian Chamber of Deputies, Guido Añez Moscoso and our own Beatriz Merino Lucero, Executive President of the César Vallejo University and former president of the Council of Ministers of Peru, among others great personalities.

This international event set the tone for the proposal to innovate and think “out of the box” to solve and address the problems that plague our society on a daily basis, with a special focus on soft skills and emotional intelligence. César Vallejo College is chaired by Dr. Juan Manuel Pacheco Zeballos, who leads a great team that seeks constant academic and professional growth for its students.